Student Handbook


 Expectations of Behaviour

Students are expected to dress in a clean, neat and appropriate manner that illustrates the students’ respect for themselves and others. Inappropriate clothing might be clothing with inappropriate words, slogans or pictures, or clothing which  promotes the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco or cruelty.

As a sign of respect,  hats are to be removed while students are in the building.


The choice of language should demonstrate consideration and courtesy to self and others. We should hear people being kind and respectful to others.


Fighting, bullying, cyber-bullying, pushing, shoving, tripping, kicking, biting, spitting, play fighting, throwing snowballs, ice or wood chips, and inappropriate touching, as well as playing with sticks and pretend weapons, are not acceptable behaviours. All weapons or toys resembling weapons are prohibitedPhysical violence against another person will not be tolerated.  This will result in immediate suspension from school.

 School Property

We expect all school property, including books and equipment, to be cared for and treated with respect and responsibility. It is expected that classrooms are to be kept neat and tidy and looking like rooms that we feel a sense of pride and ownership in.


Outside footwear is to be removed upon entry so that floors are clean and safe. All students need two pairs of shoes: one pair for outdoors and one for indoors (which can also be used for gym).


Every student is expected to be in school every school day unless ill, as prescribed under the Education Act. Dated and signed notes or phone calls explaining the reason for the absence are required.