Daily COVID Procedures

Butler Daily Procedures

Every class represents one bubble where social distancing is not expected.
• Children will be sanitizing hands every time they enter and exit the building.
• Masks are mandatory for all students in grade 5, 6 & 7 in all common areas and buses. The use of masks for the other grade levels is strongly encouraged. Masks are not provided by the school. Please do not send your child with a mask that uses a round filter system.
• Until cold weather arrives students will bring all their possessions into their classroom. There will not be indoor/outdoor shoes enforced at this time.
• Breakfast program and hot lunch will start soon. More info is to follow.
• As of now, the concentration programs will be put on hold. We are not allowed to mix groups of children. It is our hope that this situation changes for the better.
• Children should come to school in the morning with a filled water bottle.
• Children will benefit greatly by having an umbrella and proper rain gear that should be left at the school and labelled with their name. Unless it is heavy rain recess periods and line-ups will continue to be outside!

AM drop-off
• Students cannot be dropped off before 7:45
• Buses will return to using the ring road behind the school
• Parents dropping off their children are asked to park on VICTORY BVLD and escort the younger ones by way of the crosswalk located in front of the school.
• At 7:55 students will line up in the school yard and be sent inside one class at a time.
• Parents cannot enter the building or the school yard. Goodbyes need to be made on the sidewalk. WE understand this is NOT ideal but we have no choice given the regulations set by the ministry.

PM pick-up
• Parents are asked to park and wait outside their vehicle on VICTORY BVLD. A staff member will inform your child of your arrival and make sure they cross the street safely.
• Parents who arrive on foot should wait on the sidewalk while waiting for their child.