ETSB Facebook Policy

Dear Butler parents and Bedford community,
At Butler, we are extremely lucky to have a community that supports and recognizes the efforts of a wonderful group of staff and volunteers who make our school a better place each and every day. My experience has shown Bedford, as a whole, is a tight-knit and positive environment. Butler has done its best to create positivity while making sure we reach our learning targets for the kids.Butler’s Facebook page has been an extension of our positivity and community spirit for many years, all while allowing for communication and creating a window into daily happenings. It is extremely rare that we have any negative feelings about our school shared on social media. When there is an issue, our chosen path is to speak to the principal or a teacher and work towards resolving it. In other words, we, as a community, act like adults. That being said, attached you will find the ETSB guidelines for conduct on our school’s Facebook page. It’s a needed action, but I’m extremely proud to say that we are ahead of the curve!
Best Regards,

Mr. Morgan

Principal of an incredible school in Bedford, Quebec.

Christopher Morgan
Butler Elementary Principal

Eastern Townships School Board